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2 years ago

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# 65 279, as it may surprise some readers of women, which also helps in these enlightened days, anal sex is still taboo for many people. gigagalleries As a middle-aged woman in the midst of a passionate romance with an old flame from years ago, I met again by chance, was a revelation and a godsend for me. I should add that gigagalleries I think are written differently than most women here. I am very thin, virtually no breasts, nipples, but very, gigagalleries very sensitive and very large. I am small and elsewhere, while my old love is about the average queue length wide. That's always been very good in one aspect, since the density of my vagina, I always pull back the foreskin of his helmet when he enters. But in other aspects of its length, although not rare, it is a problem. The two are married, of course, and our physical differences, which are ideal for contraceptives for us, the UID, meant a considerable disadvantage for my husband, in the queue basically came to my roll. as intelligent(I am a mature student, is a post-graduate researchers ), we have n discussed the possibilities and although none of us had experienced before, gigagalleries decided to try anal sex. A We both like the thrill of sexy underwear and so I prepared for our first meeting with special care in selecting a pair of French cut panties very well, showing the back, not reduced. With a little embarrassed at the pharmacy of my beloved had a supply of KY jelly and bought what they were both a little nervous when we met at the usual meeting hotel. both have to drive our meeting so that even alcohol could benefit from the stress we provide so much sense. At his suggestion, gigagalleries we showered and contributes little, spent some time caressing. He loves me, his head, so do not, however, come to him until later, I went to bed and took his cock in my mouth. Keep your fingers tightly around the base, licked and sucked his dick, I do what he likes, he pushed meTongue into his foreskin while he masturbates. Soon I could feel the building of the eruption, so it was removed and suggested she apply some jelly on my butt. Laying on my forehead, I felt my underwear only on one side and a slip jelly between my ass cheeks. Recognizing that this was the place where necessary, raised my hips and my legs and told him to make sure there were a lot of gelatin, especially at the entrance of my anus. From my reading I learned that the hard part, what to do at first, to relax my sphincter, my lover would be without the difficulties of having his penis in my anus. He was also aware that, because the anal passage is near the womb, might be enough to stimulate my clit through my skin to a climax. To be gigagalleries honest, in the days before we met, I practiced at home, I stick my finger in my anus, so I'm pretty sure I could gigagalleries relax and gigagalleries feel not too upset. Since I was a fictionnal application of jelly stare gigagalleries into wonderful his cock, I wondered if my work with my fingers would be enough for me, hard, fairly long, but very broad tail in my botton pouished have. Very quietly came up behind me, my lover and I felt the tip of his tail, gently press against my anus. I arched back down and relaxes the sphincter. My lover was unwilling to risk damage to me, so I pushed back against his little tail. The head began to slide into my anus. I urged him to move to the right and I told him if it was too painful. Among my hips with his hands pressed us with his tail when I was an attempt to relax the muscles. Suddenly, the entire head of his cock into my anus, without the pain was more than one wonderful sexual feeling new to me. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I told gigagalleries my husband that move gigagalleries with bated breath and against the possibil
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